Say Goodbye to the Dry

25 Jan

A humidifier in Florida?  Who would have thought?  Still, this arrived today from Amazon:

After months of toting around a DEhumidifier from room to room to keep our house ‘so fresh and so clean clean’, we sent our child to daycare.  That’s right.  If we get a damp house with wood rot, we can blame the daycare for sending Mabel home with a cold.  At four months old, this is her first, but they average something like 10-12 colds a year in daycare.  So, we stocked up and aren’t taking any crap from the bugs going around.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  But since our little bird is still on the all liquid diet, we’ve decided to modify that a bit.  A humidifier at night keeps Mabel feeling all right.  (Yeah, yeah.)  After doing some rudimentary research (I kept it light, seeing as how this isn’t a major appliance or anything), we decided to roll with the Crane Cool Mist Teardrop.  Apparently, it is much quieter than the comparable Vicks version.  I’ll be sure to let you know if this is not the case (edge of your seat, I’m sure!).  Josh is ESPECIALLY thrilled that the bright pink version was a good $15 cheaper than the blue/white one.

So, tonight we are prepared to sleep in a (cool mist) Florida swamp bedroom if it helps her breathe a little easier.  The humidifier takes its place along side the nasal aspirators, snot suckers, saline spray and other weapons in our arsenal against the common cold (teaching my child to blow her own nose is HIGH up on my list of things to do…as soon as she masters that whole hand/eye coordination thing)


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