I Fought the eReader, and the eReader Won

3 Feb

It happened.  I broke down and bought an eReader.  Specifically the Kindle Touch, Wi-Fi (not 3G).

YES, I am married to a librarian, so I have access to free books all the time.  And YES, I enjoy the feel of a real book in my hands.  But I did it anyway!  And I am totally excited by the prospect of not having to hold pages open with my cell phone, drink, or other portable item while I read during lunch (using both hands to hold my sandwich, shove chips into my mouth, etc.).  Also, have you ever tried to squeeze that full sized, hard back book that you are REALLY enjoying into an already overflowing (and ridiculously heavy) diaper bag??  Huh, have you?!  Because it isn’t fun.  What is fun?, you might ask.  Popping 3000 books weighing a mere 7.5 ounces into said bag.  (Right, I know…I won’t ever read 3000 books in one outing…but I COULD.)

I don’t subscribe to the thought that eReaders such as the Kindle and Nook are destroying the classic enjoyment of reading.  On days where I want to curl up with a paperback, I’ll do just that (although, let’s be honest…how often does that really happen when you have a four month old?)  It’s not an ‘either/or’ scenario.  It’s a ‘more options’ scenario.  I’ll love my great American novel, ten volume sci fi/fantasy series, or book club selection whether I can fold the cover back or not.  And let’s face it…having 3000 books available when you are waiting in a super long line at the bank or in the waiting room at the DMV might just save someone from a case of the crazies.

One thing thing the obsession with eReaders proves…at least we’re still literate.

It arrives in the mail on Monday.  I am tracking its progress through FedEx and having an ‘I’m Sorry’ party for all the household paperbacks on Sunday.


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