The Jubin-sickos

16 Feb

Not sickos, like horror movie sickos.  More like phlegm and runny noses sickos.  We think Mabel and Josh had it simultaneously (so we can’t place blame on who brought it home…Mabel from daycare or Josh from the kids library??  The world may never know.).   They are both pretty much over it, but yesterday was my day to wake up with the scratchy throat and random UGHs.

Needless to say, while our night life dropped off the map when we had a baby, it has become even more pathetic in recent days.  But being homebound gives us time to watch a new TV show via Netflix – Downton Abbey from PBS Masterpiece Theater (I’m not going to tell you how long both Josh and I were calling it DowntoWn Abbey before we realized our mistake).  With the exception of my crazy need to watch Grey’s Anatomy over and over, we are not the type to get obsessed with most television shows.  Probably has something to do with the fact that we don’t have basic tv or cable and watch everything a minimum of two seasons behind.  Having said that, we are really enjoying Season One.  Focuses on the uber-rich in turn of the century England, mainly told from the prospective of the ‘help’, maids, butlers, drivers, etc.  It’s worth it if you have some sicko time on your hands.

In other news, Josh’s dad is heading up to Jacksonville tomorrow to help prep our kitchen for new floors.  YAY!  Originally, this was going to be the weekend that the actual floors and countertops were installed, but there was a slight delay in the ordering.  ‘Slight delay’ as in, everything was ordered, the countertop came in, we hated it and sent it back, cancelled the floor order to ensure that we weren’t limited by it in new countertop choices, and are back to square one.  We ordered some 5×7 and 12×12 countertop samples from Formica and are waiting for those to be delivered.  Keep you posted on the progress!  In the meantime, we are just thrilled that we didn’t get stuck with the ‘pink cloud’, as Josh is so fond of calling our almost-countertop.  (It really was pinkish…and cloudish, so we dodged a bullet.  THANK YOU, Lowes, for taking back our custom counters and giving a full refund because they weren’t perfect for us.  Who knew?!)

There are a few spots on our floor that may need extra special love and attention (as in, we are lucky we haven’t fallen through yet) and it is my understanding that much of tomorrow involves patching it up.  I’ve also been warned that we might be living on plywood in the kitchen for the next few weeks and the refrigerator may be in the dining room until the new floors are ordered and arrive.  I’m prepared!  And super thrilled that the process is beginning.  New sink in my future?  Check!  Future countertops that finally bring the whole thing together? (We have about three different types of counters in our small kitchen right now, due to added cabinets and a laundry room sink.)  Check!

With the hardworking kitchen team and me feeling a bit sick, tomorrow might be a Carmine’s Pizza kind of night.  (If you are ever in Jacksonville, Carmines is the place to go!)


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