Floor? What floor?

17 Feb

Remember yesterday when I said our kitchen floor might need a little love and attention before we could get to the business of putting in the new countertops (not even ordered yet!) and floor (oh, wait…that is not ordered either!)?  UNDERSTATEMENT.

See that big section of plywood?  Yeah, our cabinets are supposed to be there. PLEASE don’t notice any of the grossness that is our behind-the-cabinet-shame.  Focus first on the grossness that is water damaged flooring.  Oh, and that sweet linoleum from 30 years ago.  So, after Josh and his dad discovered that the damaged floor area extended under the existing cabinets, it only made sense to remove them while they patched it up.  The plan?  Put the cabinets in the garage until everything was patched, sealed, and ready for dancing (kitchen dancing is a favorite past-time).  What actually happened?  Those cabinets are on the side of the road.  I’d take a photo, but it’s drizzling, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Apparently, the cabinets were so water damaged themselves that they busted into a ten pieces before they even made it out the back door.

So Josh and co. were off to Lowe’s crossing fingers the whole time that the cabinets were in stock.  And they were!  Now they are back home, cabinet contents are in every room of the house while they work, and we are on our way to having some brand-spankin new drawers.  The kitchen kind.  Not the underwear kind.

So, overall, a minor set back, but makes me feel SO much better that the floor isn’t going to cave in and we got out all of that nasty stuff now that Mabel is inhaling our air.  And by ‘we’, I mean Josh and his Dad got it out (thank you!!)…I am just having a great time hanging out with the Mabes and blogging.  And I think there is some Kindle time in my future.  (Sorry for the grainy cell phone pictures!)


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