Point Five

22 Mar

Mabel turned the big one half yesterday!  Zero point five.  Six months old.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??  Its no surprise to parents everywhere, but I feel like one minute she couldn’t hold up her own head, then I blinked and she was sitting up and trying to crawl.  I am afraid to blink again…she will probably be asking for a car when I open my eyes.

Things at the Jubinsky household are crazy busy right now, so Mabel’s birthday almost slipped by with a hug and a ‘Happy Half-Birthday, Lady!’  BUT…enter Dad-Of-The-Year to make everything special for our little girl.  Josh worked until 8pm last night, closing up shop at the children’s library, but managed to pick up some goodies on the way home and surprise us with a mini birthday celebration!  Some may even call it a HALF birthday celebration.  Complete with a cupcake (mom and dad each got half…Mabel was only half interested in watching us eat it), pizza, half a birthday hat (which oddly made her look like a celebratory Shriner), and half a #1 candle.  1,000,000,000 points to Josh.

My apologies to Josh for being a terrible cameraman…but this is the best I could do of the birthday girl and her Pa.

We also had a pretty amazing weekend leading up to the anniversary of Mabel’s first six months on the planet.  Josh and I finally had a day off together and, being on Spring Break (woo hoo!), I didn’t have to do a ton of studying.  We made the most of the beautiful Spring Saturday by heading to the Riverside Arts Market (where we didn’t take any photos!).  Now that Mabel is more aware of her surroundings, and less fixated on the nearest ceiling fan, taking her places is so much fun!  We strolled through the booths talking about arts and crafts, ran into a few friends, and even bought a jar of honey (sorry, Mabes…honey is off limits to you for a while longer, but I am so looking forward to introducing you to the peanut butter and honey sandwich in a few years).

Next up, the Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens.  They were having a free day to celebrate springtime and Garden Week, so we just popped in walking back from RAM.  The highlight of the gardens, which are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and totally worth the visit, is the nearly 200 year old Cummer Oak.  It touches down in places and is a beautiful site overlooking the St. Johns River.

Mabel slept through the majesty.

Inside, Josh got a kick out of upsetting the security guards by sneaking into art installations and asking me to take his picture.  Of course, he told me the security guards were okay with it, otherwise I would have never joined in the delinquent activity.  It wasn’t until I was tapped on the shoulder and asked to ‘please put away my camera’ that I shut down the operation (I am a rule follower that way).

Our final stop of the morning was the annual Garden Club Orchid Show.  AMAZING!  It was one room packed with orchid vendors and a large display of prize orchids.  Mabel is fascinated by flowers right now, so she had a great time.  And there was this volunteer who took a liking to her…she kept showing him her feet and smiling, which he got a kick out of.  Plus, who can pass up a baby in a terry cloth hat?

At this point, Mabel let us know in no uncertain terms that it was high time to head home for a much needed nap.  But not before hanging out a bit with Carl and Senor Elephante.


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