31 Weeks!

4 May

Mabel is shuffling around and she’s eating solid foods like a champ.  And she’s starting to figure out what she likes and doesn’t…

LIKES – Watching the the pets.  Looking at flowers, and trees blowing in the wind. Going for walks.  Grabbing your drink when you are holding her. Eating with two spoons – one for her and one for you.  A breeze.  Rolling with friends on the mat at daycare. Visiting the Cummer Museum and Bold City.

DISLIKES – Staying up too late. Eating more than a few bites of pears.  Diaper blow outs.   The ‘kiwi-strawberry’ taste of her medicine.  Shirts that don’t fit over her head and get stuck for 3 seconds.  Missing her nap.  Eating out at quiet places.

Here she is visiting the Cork art building. Hanging out with a wizard, and about to fall asleep.



One Response to “31 Weeks!”

  1. Kristen Taylor DiCarlo May 4, 2012 at 12:43 pm #

    i adore this.

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