1 Jun

Is everyone on board with the fact that there is truly nothing cuter than a photo of baby face?  (NO…not that Babyface of early 90s Boyz 2 Men and Eric Clapton fame.)  Obviously, I am referring to Mabel’s sweet baby face.  Why junk up a photo with all of that extra background noise, like parents and cute toys, when what we really want to see is close up face action.  So, without further ado…

(Oh, don’t judge me for the mosquito bite that is front and center on the right cheek…her right, not yours…we live in Florida and she is in for a long life of scratching mosquito bites.  Might as well start early.)

Here, Mabel is reeeeally interested in what I am talking about.  Or she is practicing her ‘ooooo’s.  Either way, I claim interest in me.  Can you just picture her tiny voice (which we haven’t heard yet) saying, ‘Do tell me more !’

And here is the shot where I told her more, and she quickly realized she didn’t give a hoot about what I was saying.  It’s okay.  I just keep talking.

Eventually, she comes around and wants to know what I am up to again…I’m cool with that.  I figure I should get used to the hot and cold affections of raising a daughter before she becomes a teenager.  #thickskin (Notice the crawling action that is taking place in this photo! Mobile Mabel!)

The classic ‘half baby face’ shot.  So far, it has been the only time she would willingly show us her new teeth.

I’m never sure if I should comment after the photo or before.  My signature move thus far has been to comment before, which leaves this awkward space at the bottom.  I’ll just fill it up with my blog dilemma musings.  Until next time.  Baby face out!


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