9 Oct

I’ve been trying to point out birds to Mabel.

It’s hard. They are often a bit too far away, or small, or camouflaged well.  Sometimes by the time you get close enough for her to see them, they fly away. And honestly, I’m thinking just getting a one year old to look at anything you point at is a challenge.   It’s been  hit and miss, but it’s great when a birds catches her interest.  She stays focused until they fly away.  Sometimes they are singing and she really likes that.  I think knowing about and appreciating nature is important.  It’s helps us to slow down and stay grounded.

This morning in the backyard Mabel pointed to the top of the garage and made a noise.  I looked over and saw a mockingbird on the roof.  It was awesome.  I looked back at her, and sure enough she was staring at the bird.

We watched it until it flew away. It was the best.


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