Halloween PM

1 Nov



This monkey got suited up and ran straight to her swing.  And didn’t stop running.  I think this is the only non-blurry picture of her as a monkey.


She went to a raging party at her friend Amelie’s house, where she refueled on cheese puffs.



Only out of costume did she slow down enough to play.


And try and start a band with some of the older cool kids.




She told us she really wanted to go trick or treating by trying to eat her way out of the house.



Not bad for six houses. But I clearly have some things to teach her.




The next morning we went for a walk of course, but she was still filled with sugary energy.   So she got a few practice swings with her hammer.  It’s the same one I would use as a kid putting nails into boards at my grandpas house.



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