About Us.

We are a young family in Jacksonville, FL with a brand new addition, Mabel, who joined us in Sept 2011.  We have a modest two-bedroom house that we happen to love (although we anticipate growing out of it in the next few years).  We are dedicated to putting down roots in our community and doing our part to make Jacksonville a great place to raise our kid(s).

Amber works in Finance & Development at a non-profit focused on public education reform.  Her days consist of spreadsheets, grant writing, and budgets. Away from the office, she makes a mean cupcake and a pretty good molasses spice cookie.

Josh is a children’s librarian with the Public Library system.  Easily the more fun of the two jobs!  His days consist of story time, toddler art, and teaching kids the joy of picking up after themselves.  He writes another blog about woodworking, music, and anything else he wants.

We LOVE our second job of parenting and spend our evenings reading and making up words to songs…anything to get one more smile out of that girl!


Mabel is a baby.  Her days consist of smiling, sleeping, and occasionally crying (although, she is really good about not doing that too often).  She enjoys a good teething ring and that pink stuffed bumblebee that hangs on her play mat and plays a cute song.

She also adores using the US Postal Service to send postcards and mail (usually signing off with a footprint).  She would love to write to you!  To sign up for Mabel Mail, email us at deadtank@gmail.com.


We are lucky enough to have found our perfect life and happy enough to share parts of it with the world.

Thanks for reading!


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